3 weeks of fun-filled activities and field trips at Oakridge

This summer give kids a taste of Outdoors at Oakridge Summer Champs 2016!

The Oakridge summer camp is back and now with a lot more fun activities on offer. It’s time for your kids to take a break from their regular lifestyles and get back in touch with nature. The Oakridge summer camp is designed to combine fun and learning with a host of activities that bring out the best in them. Childhood is not meant to be spent in concrete jungles whiling away the time in front of computer screens. It’s a time to explore, invent, imagine and run wild. This is an opportunity for your kids to experience the excitement of camping with their best friends.

The activities range from Dance, Arts, Yoga, Clay modelling, Origami and Field trips to Plabo Explorium for the Juniors and Photography, Fashion Designing, Music and more for the seniors. The Oakridge camp helps in experiential learning that compels them to internalize and apply their learning to real life.

The camp will not have a dull moment and will have the best trainers and supervisors on hand for your children. There are some special attractions and activities planned for the kids, including learning the ever popular viral ‘cup song’.Healthy lunches, snacks and juices will be served throughout to make sure the kids don’t run out of fuel.  This is a chance for your kids to learn some new skills, participate in some team building activities and just break free from the monotony of the everyday.

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