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Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association, widely known as HYSEA, is the platform where every startup, product and design-based company looks to hop on to. This is the forum which is built for you, by you.

HYSEA recognizes and awards Early stage consumer, Early stage enterprise, Early stage startups, Gadgets and devices, Service companies, and people who have interesting products. . The main agenda of DESIGN SUMMIT and HYSEA SUMMIT AWARDS 2016, apart from showcasing the newest developments in the startup industry, is to emphasize on the importance of design. There isn’t enough awareness on the design component in the budding and growing start-ups. And, the Design Summit is all about that.

The design summit focuses on the design element that goes into a product as this is the next wave of growth of products and startups. This observes “the visual design, UI and UX and the customer-centric thinking that went in, which led to the final product. This platform gives the attendees the chance to know what designing implies from an investor’s point of view,” said Ramesh Loganathan, the president of HYSEA 2016. This platform can be used by various startup entrepreneurs and upcoming entrepreneurs to improve their product.

Getting your startup idea or product on to HYSEA gets you the visibility that you are looking for. From getting investors, and mentors, this place has it all. Cross simulation is the idea behind getting the key speakers of the HYSEA summit. This helps them get good creative thinkers from all domains to talk about the current trends and statistics, says Ramesh Loganathan, the president of HYSEA 2016.

HYSEA is not a trade show, but is collective enablement. This is a cause, a cause to showcase the work that is happening in the industry and celebrate the industry. This is a platform to widen the approach of startups, ideas and products. Though this is not a trade show, as this is something done by us, and for us, there is a likelihood of investors getting impressed by certain products and come forth for funding them. Yet, there are a lot of companies who mentor others and also look for potential investors for getting the aid to improve their idea/product.

So, if you have an idea and if you think it should be showcased to the world. Then, HYSEA is the platform that will get you the visibility you’ve been looking for.

Vimal Mohan

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