5 types of events you should attend as a professional

Get highlighted with these courses on your resume

Bagging degrees from reputed organisations and educational institutions is not the end of your professional progress. That’s just the foundation over you which you should architect your professional life by building floors of different skills. This is how you embellish and get value for yourself.

1) Certified workshops

From having a Lean six sigma training course on your resume to getting certified as a Scrum certified professional. There are a lot of events you should attend as a professional, to embellish your resume and get that edge over your peers. These courses help you become the cream when any organisation is planning to expand and are looking for the right person to get the job done.

2) Seminars and conferences

Doctors, engineers, architects, journalists and all other experts from different walks of life, fly to various countries to attend seminars and conferences to hear delegates share their views on a subject. This is one thing you should do as a professional. Attending seminars and conferences in your line of work broadens your ability to grasp more information without reaching the saturation point in your working life.

3) Industry Meetups

HYSEA, MICE, TEDX and more are networking events which can be your potential market hunt grounds. This is where experts, industrialists, government officials and startups unite. So, grab this opportunity and widen your professional circle.

4) Personality development workshops

Remember how you ignored all the personality development, time management, soft skills training courses you were offered to attend from your company and you were just too lazy. These are the events that boost you with skills that will transform you from a team player to a team leader.

5) Professional development

Never stop your professional development. If you want to be the master of your trade, attend every course that comes your way. Learning from experts in the industry will give you the exposure. If you are a management guy, attend the SCRUM and Lean Six Sigma courses, if you a content guy, attend the courses ranging from articles to content marketing. You are never too old to learn.

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Vimal Mohan

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