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retail, technology, Retail technology conclave [ReTechCon] 2016

Retail technology conclave [ReTechCon] 2016

Technology has advanced. It’s natural for everything around us too to progress. The conclave is for the retail industry and how the changes will affect businesses and consumers on the technology level. The digitization is dramatically changing how a retail business functions. There is a change that would come about with the middle class families where the money flow would increase and larger outcomes are expected.

Retail technology enclave is all about the digital India program launched by the Government of India where consumers would get transformed in a revolutionary manner and is the point where the demand for products and its supply for the consumers would get democratized. The retail sector will face a different demand and can be tapped from across India and globally. The expectations laid down by the consumers would be high in terms of quality, and getting the right product irrespective of their geographical presence. Many consumers will transform into retailers and because of that, a lot of them will see a rise in the new retailers disrupting all the entry barriers and the competition will increase drastically.

The different topics that would be covered at this conclave would include Omni channel, customer experience, SCM, digital marketing and merchandising. Its the ultimate platform for discussion about possible disruptions in the retail industry and the emerging technology with it. The retail technology enclave is being organized by the Retailers association of India which happens to be the largest congregation of CIO’s / CTO’s, service providers, and experts in the retail technology domain.

The enclave is scheduled for June 15-16, 2016 from 9 am to 6 pm at the Renaissance Mumbai convention centre hotel, Powai in Mumbai. Tickets are available for purchase now, get yours today.

Syed Hussaini

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