7 tips to finish a marathon this season


The beginner’s guide to running marathons

Running a marathon is a dream to many and not all have the courage to begin, in the first place. Finishing a marathon needs a lot of practice, effort, determination and discipline. There are many other tiny factors that will help you finish the marathon. Here are 7 tips that you can consider so that you can happily book your slot in a marathon event and take part.

Find a team

While there are a few who prefer running alone, the rest prefer to do it in a group. Joining a running group or running along with friends gives you the chance to improve yourself. Apart from the tips and discussions, it gives you the ability to motivate each other to run for longer durations and just engage yourself in an occasional casual talk.

Go fat-free and pro-carbrun

Eating right is the one of the best ways to get yourself ready for a marathon. The moment you start training for the marathon, start eating right. Start eating carbohydrate-rich food and avoid all the unnecessary fatty foods. This means you will have to say no to the mouthwatering pizzas and burgers for a while. It’s worth it.

Don’t forget to stretch

Every day before you begin to start training for your marathon, ensure that you follow all the warm up drills. Stretch all your Hip, Shoulder, Torso and leg muscles before you begin your running session. This may seem trivial, but when ignored can result to muscle tears or cramps.

Support each other

Every runner who ran before knows that it is never about winning the race, but is of finishing it. Every one of the experienced runners you meet at the marathon knows that there is ample place for everyone at the finish line. So, encourage all your fellow runners to run and motivate them to get to the finish line without giving up halfway.

Use fuel on economy mode

Your body is your fuel. Use it wisely. Pick a consistent pace that suites your body type and stick to it throughout the run. Don’t exhaust your energy trying to run faster than others just to lead, for, after a point the guys who have been running consistently will pass you casually and you will have to rip your heart out to try to catch them again. Instead, run in a pace that is comfortable to you.

Set your routine

Set your routine according to the event. Sync your eating, drinking, sleeping and bowel timings with the event timings. This will help you have a very natural flow on the day of the event. Everything from waking up on the day of the run to scrolling through 9GaG while on Potty will feel natural.

Learn to say no

It’s alright to say no to the drinks and after work chilling invites by your colleagues. Say no to that night if you are running the next day. It’s okay.

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