5 reasons why fall is the best time to run a marathon or ride a brevet


Running a marathon or riding for a brevet takes a lot of practice. This is for those who have their minds focused on something and they wish to challenge their own limits and then set new ones.  This is definitely the thing to do. From riding your bike to the finish line of the brevet or for running your way to completing the marathon, here are 5 pointers which state that fall is the best time for it.

1) The sun is just right

After scorching heat of the summers, fall is the time when all the leaves start growing back on the trees again. The temperatures are just right outside for you to put on your running shoes and begin running under the serene beauty of fresh grown leaves in the park or country region.run

2) Later race timings

All the events conducted in the summers are commenced very early. This it to ensure that all the participants will not have to be under the scorching heat of the sun for long hours. This leads to events generally beginning at 04:00 or 05:00 AM. All the marathons that are conducted in the fall have a later starting time that gives the event attendee a relaxed feel as they can come to the event after sunrise.

3) Mileaaaaaaage

You run or pedal more when you know there is more in you. There will be ore in you because the sun will not be at its best to suck out the energy of you, unlike in the summers. Your body takes less time to warm up and lots of energy can be spent doing the exercise than shedding it away in the form of sweat from excess heat.

4) You don’t have to get sweaty

Summer is the time when everyone wants to get shredded, so from the benches in the park to the handles on the treadmills in the gym, they are all covered in sweat. Surprisingly, you will see only one-tenth of the summer crowd at your usual spots in the fall. So, you don’t have to shed much sweat yourself or try to evade others’.

5) Free Space:

This is the time when you can stretch yourself freely without thinking twice that you would trip a co runner or put a cyclist off his wheels.

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Happy running.

Vimal Mohan

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