Mind over matter! Become a spiritual billionaire

Master the yin and yang of your finances

Balance your relationships and learn to master your relationships and money matters. Get over your everyday insecurities and mental blocks that are keeping you from achieving peace. Everyday stressors of an urban lifestyle can seriously hamper our ability to find balance.

Learn to slow down and focus on the things that matter. Be actively present while making decisions big or small. The techniques and methodologies in this seminar can help you ace these decisions and work towards building your social and economic capital. Build your network and interact with like-minded people and let go of the negativity inside you.

Learn to attract opportunities in life and capitalize on them, master the flow of you money, build loving and nurturing relationships, and build an air of confidence and success. It’s all about tapping into your inner reservoir of positivity and attracting the right kind of people and opportunity in your life.

The session will be lead by motivational speaker and teacher Jitendra Gupta. You can get the best of both worlds spiritual fulfilment as well as monetary success. Learn the key principles of making money without compromising on your well being. Imbibe the right values and skill set to strike the right balance.

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Anthony Paracka

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