Aqua Spirit @ Hotel Daspalla proudly presents ICC T20 World Cup

Chill with Beer, kebabs and biryani while watching the match

The ICC world Twenty20 India 2016 has kicked off and is creating a roar of interest in the cricket fan community. The whole nation is glued to their laptops, Tv’s, mobile phones and all the other hang out spots that will get them a bud to chill with and also a projector screening of the match. Let’s up the notch of chilling this T20 season with beers, kebabs, spirits and Biryani at Daspalla Hotel,Hyderabad,Jubilee Hills, CBI Colony,Telangana,India from March 15 to April 4, 2016.

For all the beer lovers the ICC T20 BKB FOOD FESTIVAL package is the thing that they
shouldn’t miss, for with this package you get to have unlimited beer, Kebab and Biryani. Watch the match by sipping down of bottles of beer along with smoky and delicious kebabs and for all the cricket fans who have a huge appetite, top it with Biryani as a main course to fill that tummy.

For all the guys who prefer a spirit to beer, things couldn’t get better for you while watching your favourite sport at a comfy place amongst same fans. The free spirits on the house along with the finger licking food will keep you in the right mood while you enjoy the game with the ICC T20 SKB FOOD FESTIVAL

There will be 4 varieties of food for vegetarians and nonvegetarians. The special delicacies to boast off at the venue are the Veg- Biryani, the non-veg biryani and a special combination of both.

So,register now to get your seats booked for the match and sync the cheers and Goshs in clear visuals and impeccable sound clarity.

Vimal Mohan

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