Holi in Pune : Mirchi neon run

Run hard only to party harder

Summer is coming and the mercury levels are soon to rise up in the barometer, but this should not be the factor that engineers a barricade in your running life. Don’t let the heat be an excuse to stop yourself from running. The Mirchi NEON Run, Pune is your chance to up your running quotient by a level. This run is all about satisfying the inner athlete and partyholic in you, for, this run will be followed by a party. The motto of this run is to run hard and party harder. The run will be conducted on March 26, 2016 at Laxmi Lawns,Pune,Maharashtra,India.

For all those who wanna have a casual run, there is the 3km category that can be used, for those who want to stress their quadriceps and calf muscles, the 5km category is where they should register for. The 3 km is priced at 500 INR and the 5 km at 750 INR. This exciting running format is where you get to combine fun with the sport. Get those neon shoes and tees out and look flashy in the night while shedding sweat and prepping up for the post run party that will blow your minds out with some groovy beats from the turntables of the DJ.

This is definitely a good idea for all those who wanna get back to the party fever post Holi and also be in shape while shaking a leg to the beats of music. To make the gig spicier, the organizer has taken the liberty to throw in a few Neon tees and accessories.

So, don’t miss this opportunity of being part of the night where the crowd of Pune will shed sweat running only to attend a party post it. Get your neon outfits out and head to the venue. Get the early bird prices and don’t burn a hole in your pockets, for, the prices are going to hike up soon. Register now.

Vimal Mohan

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