Holi in Mumbai:The Hottest Holi lineup ever at United Colours

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Nucleya, Zaeden, Sartek, Joshi, Anish Sood need I say more?

Mumbai is the place to party! The city that never sleeps has released a Holi lineup that has us absolutely stoked. It’s the royalty of the EDM scene all in one place. The ‘United Colours’ gig is sure to be a Holi bender to watch out for.  the party will be hosted March 24, 2016 at Juhu JVPD ground opp Juhu PVR.

Imagine this, the  guy who’s been on the tip of everyone’s tongue and has been making the news wherever he goes the Koocha monster himself ‘Nucleya’ will be headlining this party. This followed up by sets by the who’s who of today’s scene.

Anish Sood the Goan wonder kid and superstar DJ behind tracks such as Superfly and Hello world, Zaedan the teen superstar and the first artist to be sign by Spinnin records, Joshi the deep house ninja who took India by storm, Sartek the Delhi phenom that topped the top 100 electro house charts with his tracks ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Dopamine’. This lineup sure reads like a dream and we are sure this party won’t disappoint.

The party is hosted in association with Vh1 and is the ultimate destination for Mumbaikars this Holi. Listen to some amazing music and lose yourself in the madness. Ask your entire crew to tag along and make sure you bring your dancing shoes.

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