Holi in Bengaluru: Rang munch 2016

Holi party in Bengaluru

Bengaluru’s sexiest Holi party is back!

It doesn’t get any better and wilder than this. This is one and only for the party animals, 12 hours of banging House music and Bollywood beats that will get your heart pumping. The lineup features 10 of the most happening DJs from the Bengaluru scene and the power couple of the Indian dance scene ‘WATEC’. Rang munch 2016 is happening on March 23, 2016 at Pebble, the Jungle Lounge in Bengaluru.

Whosane & Anastasia, the dynamic duo ‘WATEC’, will take you a trip to the sands of Anjuna with their underground deephouse, techno and progressive sounds. Whosane is a pioneer in the dance music industry with over two decades behind the decks of some of the most elite clubs and festivals across the world. Anastasia is known for her eclectic Dance sets and for bringing an infectious energy to the console each time she plays.

The duo will be supported by Mohasin, Hassan,Sameer,Varun,Sunny,Mahneet Suman,Raghu and Jaleo. The party will be off the hook with two stages, 12 DJs, and live Dhol performances sure to keep your feet tapping. There will also be an unlimited supply of eco friendly organic colours so don’t hold back, paint the town red.

Rang much 2016 will also have live food counters, thandai, bhaang and a lot more to keep you fuelled up. So what are you waiting for? It doesn’t get any wilder than this. Put on your dancing shoes cause this party will go on all day long. 12 hours, 12 DJs, 2 stages and the most happening crowd in Bengaluru. This is one party you should not miss out on.

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