Holi in Pune:Re-defining Holi celebrations with RangHolic

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Rangholic 2016

Bring out your Holi guns and put on your Holi wear, because the day is about to drench you not only in colour but makes you enjoy every bit of it. You’ve been playing Holi ever since you were a child and must’ve loved it too. This Holi, you’re about to witness some musical madness filled with color and it’s certainly something you have not seen before. Get your Holi spirit on and shake your leg while you can at Rangholi 2016.

Every Holi is special to everyone and it’s the time when families come together, dance and have fun. Rangholi is about celebrating in style and enjoying a scenic view of the city and to help all that take shape, DJ Akshay, DJ Vaibhav, DJ Rackish, DJ Maria ( the bollywood queen ) and DJ Antoo would be the artistes to blow your minds.

The music will be a blast with Holi songs and bollywood tracks apart from the desi dhols that are beaten throughout.The festival is all set to dish out some mouthwatering delicious food that everyone will look around for, especially after the Bhang and the insane amounts of organic color being thrown at one another.

The dance is set to get you weary and tired, not to mention hungry from that level of fun. You probably have already imagined how it would like once it’s in session. Families along with kids can also participate and enjoy, and there would be separate drinks for the young kids that have no bhang mixed.

Food is the main feature of most events and Holi happens to be one where it’s most looked up to after the hectic dance for hours. Get your Holi attire out and get ready to make a bang with the Bhang scheduled for March 24, 2016 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Atmosphere 6, 6th floor terrace lounge, Skymax building in Pune. You do not want to miss out this one, get your tickets now.

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