Holi in Mumbai: Holi Fest 2016

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Holi-fun, filled with action, dance and color!

Holi is the time when people meet and greet, have fun for one reason that they don’t get to see each other for days or months at a stretch. So, everyone looks forward to the fun and it’s not like they will have a dry Holi where you simply just throw colors on one another and be done with it. No! Your fun starts in the morning after all your people have gathered up and gulped down some bhang to get the true spirit of fun with colors.

There are many parties that are organized around this time to facilitate a get together of friends and families that are fully Holi themed mixed with music that is played by different DJ’s and those go on for the entire day. Holi Fest is all about fun, but there is a difference in the kind of fun people waiting to attend will experience. There will be music, dance, bhang, colors and all of that what people expect, except that this fest will include more of what they have never heard of before. The fun will be doubled and there would be different activities like terrain run filled with obstacles, mud pool, slip and slide, Holi-war arena and DJ run-rain dance party. Participants would use their physical and mental strengths at the terrain run getting away from the obstacles.

The fun filled Holi fest is all set to rock your world of highness, giving you an ultimate fun fever that is not found almost anywhere. Engage yourself in the Holi war arena where you play Holi the typical way while you also dance to the tune of dhols that are beaten to keep the rhythm ongoing. The fest is scheduled for March 24, 2016 from 10 am to 4 pm at the Dariya Kinara resort, Gorai beach in Mumbai. This is one of those Holi events that are very rare. Get your ticket now.

Syed Hussaini

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