Holi in Bengaluru: Holi Carnival Splashout 2k16


Be part of the big Holi celebration

The big day when everyone will say “Holi Hai” is fast approaching. With less than 20 days to go, everyone around the country is looking to go to the perfect Holi party to smear colors on the faces of loved ones. The Holi Carnival Splashout 2k16 will be held on March 24 from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

The party just gets better with all the colors and Gulal. The color covered floor is going will be thumped on to the beats of all the Desi songs you can think of. There is a surprise celebrity DJ at the turntables for the big day and this surely will change the whole vibe of the celebration, for, it’s going to get only wilder. It gets wilder, for, there are 8 DJs who will keep playing without letting the tempo down.

The organisers have arranged for Dhol to give the place a hint of traditional Dhamaka, so gear up for some local steps to match rhythm with the beats of Dhol. The Rain dance, the colors , food and drinks (Alcoholic) 🙂 , the fashion show, and a breathtaking performance of Dance known as Dance India Dance will be there to make your celebration more merrier.holi

That’s not all, there is Desi buttermilk and Thandai on the house, so don’t let your celebration stop. Dance all you can, dance till you are thirsty, then break, rehydrate and start dancing again. This is the time of the year where love is in the air. So, be a part of the celebration.

The Stag male pass is priced at 900 INR, stag female at 700 INR, couple pass at 1300 INR, a group of 5 males at 3500 INR, a group of 5 females at 2500 INR. Register now, before prices go up.

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