Goa Gil in Mumbai at BlueFrog

Goa Gil in Mumbai

Godfather of Psytrance takes over Blue Frog!

Get ready for the trance-dance experience. Goa Gil is the big daddy of the trance movement, and one of the founding fathers of the genre of Psytrance. “Babaji’, as he is lovingly called, is known for his transcendental trance sets, and is a master of the superset. He is most popular for his ‘Goa trance’ inspired by the free thinking, free love hippie era of the 90s. Goa Gil will be playing a super set at Bluefrog Mumbai on April 10, 2016. It’s your chance to catch him in his elements at Mumbai. If you want a one-way ticket to the sunny sands of Goa, this is your chance.

Goa Gil has been producing music and mixing up his magical sets since the 1980s, drawing inspiration from acts like Kraftwerk. This is your chance to get trippy with the Guru, chill out at the biggest Psytrance event in Pune. The F Beach house is the best venue to revel in the journey of trance, with a spacious lounge seating, completely stocked bar, and trippy decor.

The superset is an experience in itself. Designed to take the ravers through a range of emotions and his uplifting trance beats are a revelation. Gil has a cult following in the psytrance scene, and the party is sure to be a sellout. He is known to transport his audiences to the beaches of Morjim, Anjuna and Arambol with his tracks. His mix of oriental mysticism with the Euro trance beats of the 90s gives us a signature sound that has been a resounding success.

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