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Extend your support by being in the Prelude ride

Everyone has a reason to ride. While most of us ride just to be in shape, there are a few who do it for a cause. A cause to genuinely support people in need of help and courage to pull through life. When Aditya Mehta walked into MeraEvents to promote the event ‘Prelude of Infinity Ride 2016’, we were overwhelmed with joy to welcome a man who is giving his all for a cause. A cause to help those BSF and CRPF officials who lost their limbs while on duty.

These are the unsung heroes we see in life, who are never acknowledged for the good deeds they do. Prelude of Infinity Ride 2016 is conducted to spread awareness about the ‘Infinity Ride 2016’. This ride is conducted by the Aditya Mehta Foundation to help all the disabled with artificial limbs and other supporting equipment who want to take up sports and lead life in a dignified manner.

The AMF (Aditya Mehta Foundation) has reached out to 21 people and have supported them with blades, bionic feet and other prosthetic equipment.infinity ride

Aditya met with a road accident 6 years ago where he was rammed into by a bus while he was commuting on his Royal Enfield Bullet. He was under the bus and in the struggle to holding on to life, he was successful in getting his body from getting crushed under the wheels of the huge 6 wheeler. However, he couldn’t save his leg. Post the traumatic incident, it took 6 years for him to get back to life. ”There was no Aditya Mehta to guide me and counsel me,” he said.

I still remember the first Kilometer I rode, after the accident.I asked my brother to hold me from behind and I pedalled. In that 1 km, I fell five times, and those five falls made me so strong that I rode 57,000 km in the last 3 years. says the founder of Aditya Mehta.”

“Today with the support of all my friends and family members, I am able to lead a normal life.” When asked about the next big challenge he would like to take up, Aditya said, “I want to complete the Half Ironman in the next 2 years. I am now able to swim and run. I remove my prosthetic leg while swimming and have got a new blade that will help me run. Life without challenges is really boring and what will I do in life, if there is no challenge.”

In the world of today, Aditya reaches out to people who have lost their limbs and extends support by every possible means. This is the story of Aditya, the man who has changed himself first and is now looking to influence all those who have lost their limbs to take up sports to lead a healthy and dignified life.

So, enroll to join the Prelude to Infinity ride and support the cause. If you are a rider and if you have the will in you, enroll for the Infinity ride to conquer the terrain between Manali and Khardung La.

Ride for a cause. Ride safe. Always wear a helmet.

Vimal Mohan

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