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What makes the behind-the-scenes teams

Ever wondered what kinda toil that gets in behind the scenes of a mega event like Sensation?

India, more particularly Hyderabad, is actually waiting with bated breath for Saturday, even as the countdown for the world’s leading dance event, Sensation, has begun. As the clock ticks and the hands complete rotations, the excitement is reaching its crescendo. Apart from the world famous artists who tear the silence apart, there are others — the backroom boys — who work with unwavering focus and unflinching precision.

As the twitterati began going gaga about the excitement, MeraEvents team has delved deep into the backstage, knowing the real heroes behind the stage who are pulling 12-hour shifts in the scorching heat to make the magic work.

Meet Rodney Barnes, the man working closely with the teams behind the creative splendour that unveils in front of thousands of revellers. Rodney’s experience as the production manager for all major gigs in India like The Eagles, A. R Rehman, Michael Jackson live-in concert, and many more, comes in handy in craftily putting up things for Sensation, as the production teams out their talent together. Rodney has specialized in all the stage acts and later moved on to supervising all the technical aspects including the truss, lights and sounds of production of any major gig.sensation

Rodney kickstarted his career with Wizcraft in 1992. “The journey from the beginning till date has been magical and it still feels like the first day at work. Every day, we all learn a new thing from one another and that’s what makes this interesting in this line of work,” says a beaming Rodney.

The man behind the scenes of the Michael Jackson concert in Mumbai in 1996, says: “Sensation coming to India is a dream coming true for all music lovers of all genres. The audience is going to love it. What we’re going to witness here is going to be mind blowing. I don’t see any other dance event matching Sensation.”

Who is his Inspiration?
“Viraf Sarkari, the director of Wizcraft is the man who has handheld me to become the man I am now. If he hadn’t taught me what he had taught me, I wouldn’t be here today. He is a very meticulous man at work, ” says Rodney. This proves his unstinted confidence he reposes in and the highest esteem he holds his guru Sarkari in.

“Welcome to the world’s leading dance event. Wear white and be united. Enjoy yourself and drive safe.” This is what Rodney has for the bacchanals who also worship music with an equal reverence and spirit.

With just two days to go, the tickets are getting sold out very fast. Book your passes now, else you would miss a lifetime opportunity. .

People have been talking about the lineup, the Pleasuredome, and the white dress code. Would it be like the sea of milk when thousands of people congregate at the sprawling Gachibowli Stadium for the Sensation?

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