Don’t miss beginning of Sensation: The Pleasuredome

Catch The Pleasuredome in all its glory in first 30 minutes!

This isn’t a run-of-the-mill warning. The Pleasuredome show truly starts with a bang. It’s a visual spectacle that you cannot miss. In the words of Ellen Evers, the project manager of ‘Sensation’. “The Pleasuredome kicks off with a countdown and a grand reveal that will leave you in awe.”

It’s a revelation of the entire metallic mega structure coming alive. Ellen adds: “It’s pretty amazing when the arches go up. Even without the pyro and the lights, last night when we saw it, we had goosebumps all over. Can you imagine it with all of the pyro and the lights? That moment will be incredible.” The eight gigantic arches come to life as they slowly tear through the skies. It’s an engineering marvel and a sight that is truly unparalleled.

The revolving centrepiece takes you through a never-before-experienced merry-go-round for the senses. The console is lit up and is a stunner to look at. At a height of 30 feet from the ground, the console can spin 360 degrees and it has a revolving carousel with props –. from life-size horses made of plaster of paris to 20-metre figurines that rise into the sky.

Once the curtains fall, the burlesque begins. The sensuous Sensation showgirls take the stage with their seductive routines. This along with the light and sound show with the brilliance of close to 10,000 LED strips, MAC auras, and arc lights make the Pleasuredome a cocoon of light.

The Showgirls in action at Sensation White

The Showgirls in action at Sensation White

The show begins with the enigmatic resident of Sensation Mr White, he sets the entire mood of the show with the fan favourite ‘The MegaMix’. The mix is one of the best supersets and compilations of dance music and is something no fan should miss.

 The gates to the Pleasuredome open at 6:00 pm on 5, March 2016. Be there early and don’t miss out!

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