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Mumbai HR Summit 2016

Tired of all the crazy hiring policies that drive people away from you? It is quite possible you may have just started your career and abiding by rules is not easy while keeping people happy. Time will make you take that straight forward talk to your recruits and help you maintain your emotions while you work.

It’s one of the most issues faced by new human resource professionals and this stops from recognizing talent that come by every now and then. Basically, the job of a human resource professional is to recognize, retain and buy talent as and when required. Some have the best in the industry, while the others just take it in and go with what they get.

Networking with professionals of more or less the same experience will help enable sharing of incidents and experiences that help arriving at a solution. People with less experience mostly hesitate networking with people who are masters in their field due to the underlying age gap and other factors.

The Mumbai HR summit is coming up soon and features people like researchers, academicians, senior HR professionals, eminent CEO’s from India, asia pacific, middle east and africa who will deliver presentations on the future of talent management. The HR summit will feature keynotes, presidential address, networking contest, workshops, talk shows, and more.

The summit is scheduled for May 27 and 28,  2016 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm at the Ramada  Powai Hotel convention centre in Mumbai. Speakers like K.B.M. Swamy, Arun Chitlangia, Jayesh Pandey, Lancelot Cutinha, Pravin Sathe, and Amit Vaish would be presiding the summit and enlighten us. If you are one of those people who were eagerly looking forward to a summit like this, then this is your chance. Get yourself that slot now, or these tickets are expected to run out  fast.

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