Dos and Don’ts at Sensation Hyderabad

Things that can help you get in and chill with a bud!

Sensation is the talk of the town in Hyderabad, and, perhaps, in every city in India too. Amongst all queries we received about Sensation India, here are a few that have been asked repeatedly.
Read on. The answers that you are looking for might be tucked here.

Here are a few dos and don’ts.

White is White. So, it’s a no no to beige, gray, or brown regardless of the shade. Invest in purchasing a white pair of clothes and look breathtaking at the arena. While a white top and white bottom is a compulsion, you can wear shorts and flip flops. Your top can have small prints of another colour and bottoms are restricted to shorts, trousers, jeans, joggers, etc. This means don’t go all desi and and show up in a Mundu. At least 80 % of your entire attire should be white.

If you exit, you can’t re-enter

There is no re-entry. So, all excuses like “my girlfriend/boyfriend is outside. Can I please go and bring along” will do you no good at the venue. There are no refunds. So, if you’re late/ill/ on the event date, your money will not be refunded. The gates open at 6 pm. The show begins at 8 pm. So, get to the venue in time, for the box office closes and 12 midnight and so do the gates to the venue.sensation

Your pets don’t enjoy. So, no 

While you can carry mobile phones, ear plugs, hats, selfie sticks (up to 1 metre length ), glowing/illuminated Jewellery, you will see a NO sign to drugs, masks, LED glows or micro lights, large chains or spiked jewelry, weapons of any kind, food and beverages, pets, and professional cameras.Sensation

So, keep these things in mind and have a nice time at the venue, Be part of the night, dress in white.

Vimal Mohan

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