140 metric tonnes of ‘Heavy metal’ at Sensation Arena

Sensation India

A gigantic metallic octopus greeted us at Gachibowli Stadium

We got an all-access backstage pass to Sensation, and the stage is a work of art in itself. Gachibowli stadium was host to the entire sensation crew, and the motherlode had already arrived straight from Amsterdam.Over 140 metric tonnes of steel lay sprawling out like a metallic octopus.  The 21-metre tall arches  shooting up to reach the clouds, were an intimidating sight to look at.

The ‘Pleasuredome’ of Sensation is unlike any other stage that India has seen before. The entire structure, when laid out flat on the ground, is close to 70-metre long, 8-metre wide, and 3-metre high. But when the entire structure comes to life, it’s another story entirely. The structure has 8 gigantic movable arches that can tilt at an angle of up to 90 degrees, a feat in itself for such a massive steel structure.

The Sensation crew in action

The Sensation crew in action Courtesy: Sensation official Facebook page

We caught up with Tom Van de Houdt, the production manager for Sensation, to get an idea of how the metallic monstrosity comes to life. “The arches, used for dancers, are powered by 2 big generators of 500 KVA each.” With this kind of heavy machinery installed, the entire crew is keeping an eagle’s eye on the entire set-up.

Sensation India

Image Courtesy: Sensation Facebook Official

Ellen Evers, the Project Manager of Sensation, has said that this is truly a special moment for Sensation. The crew chose Hyderabad, since Gachibowli Stadium is the most ideal venue that can play host to a show of this mammoth scale. This is the biggest outdoor event of Sensation ever, and is the only ‘Pleasuredome’ outdoor show to have a centrestage.

“This is the biggest show we have. To premiere in India with the Pleasuredome, our flagship event, we thought, would be the best idea. It’s pretty amazing when the arches go up. Even without the pyro and the lights, last night when we saw it, we had goosebumps all over. Can you imagine it with all of the pyro and the lights? That moment will be incredible.”

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