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Spiritual Billionaire Mindset Workshop


Be in the right mindset, you will make your money! Relax your mind and body. Everyone on the face of this planet wants to make money, attain a good impression and lead a happy, worry free life. Well, not everyone get what they want. But, if you slow down and...

Sensation India

140 metric tonnes of ‘Heavy metal’ at Sensation Arena


A gigantic metallic octopus greeted us at Gachibowli Stadium We got an all-access backstage pass to Sensation, and the stage is a work of art in itself. Gachibowli stadium was host to the entire sensation crew, and the motherlode had already arrived straight from Amsterdam.Over 140 metric tonnes of steel...

GOA GIL in Pune

Catch Goa Gil in a 10-hour-long superset in Pune


Godfather of Psytrance takes over the deck at F Bar! Get ready for the trance-dance experience. Goa Gil is the big daddy of the trance movement, and one of the founding fathers of the genre of Psytrance. “Babaji’, as he is lovingly called, is known for his transcendental trance sets,...

Dos and Don’ts at Sensation Hyderabad


Things that can help you get in and chill with a bud! Sensation is the talk of the town in Hyderabad, and, perhaps, in every city in India too. Amongst all queries we received about Sensation India, here are a few that have been asked repeatedly. Read on. The answers...

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HR professionals to attend this summit


Mumbai HR Summit 2016 Tired of all the crazy hiring policies that drive people away from you? It is quite possible you may have just started your career and abiding by rules is not easy while keeping people happy. Time will make you take that straight forward talk to your...