Pleasuredome opens: The ride of a lifetime

Sensation India

A teaser of what you can expect at Sensation this weekend

It’s a burlesque, it’s a concert, and it’s a circus. No, it’s Sensation White. The world’s leading dance event, Sensation White, has landed on Indian shores and the Sensation crew are working hard transforming the arena into the ultimate adult playground. This is all you wanted to know about the show, but didn’t know who to ask.

Here is a sneak peek into the show and a few must-see specials that will confer bragging rights on you at the stadium. There are a few spoilers here. If you want it all to be one big surprise, just give this a miss. But being aware before the hallucination unveils itself right in front of you in its fullest monstrous splendour naturally bestows on you a con-descendant superiority complex  over the naïveté of your bystander. Revelry with knowledge of what happens next, indeed, grips you by a sense of deja vu. Akin to the same feeling as what Mario Puzzo carried you through before Francis Ford Coppola showed you in The Godfather.

The Pleasuredome at Full blast (L.E.D show)

The console or the DJ booth of Sensation is a revolving center stage fitted with two separate decks with the most advanced equipment. Flanked on both sides by gigantic silver inflatables in the shape of a burlesque performer, the console itself comes across as a stunner. It is also fitted with a revolving carousel with cirque de soleilesque props that also acts as a stage for the dancers and performers.

The show begins with a countdown that sets the wheel in motion. The entire set is covered in linen with a sinister ring master announcing the count and welcoming everyone to the Pleasuredome. The breathtaking show begins with a bang as the curtains fall to reveal the scintillating console with Mr White on the deck. The dancers start the sensuous burlesque with the iconic ‘Pleasuredome’ spelled out by 12 seductive showgirls. Catch them at the 4:50-minute mark in the teaser video (embedded below).

The opening of the arches is another spectacle that you can’t miss. The arches slowly move into position, transforming the flat stage into a cocoon of light at 7:00-minute mark. This is the kickoff of the amazing light show with over 10,000 LED strips, heavy duty lights and light towers that come to life in sync with the symphony. Catch the peak of the spectacle at 14:30-minute mark.

The DJs are only an element in the audio-visual masterpiece. The performers take the centre stage after Mr White and continue to sweep the audience off their feet  with their reverberating sets. With a star-studded lineup including Axwell, AfroJack, Lost Frequencies and the Sensation veteran Laidback Luke, the show promises to be a night for the senses.

We got a complete access to backstage of Sensation and got a hang of what all goes into mesmerise you on the coming Saturday. Hang on for the next story.

Teaser of Sensation ‘Pleasuredome’ held at Amsterdam

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