Insights into Pleasuredome at Sensation Hyderabad


How this superstructure changes music festival experience

The world’s leading dance event is coming to India and the homecoming has been long overdue. The First ever Sensation event had Lord Shiva as its deity and after leaving its tracks in different countries and continents for 16 years, they would be setting the stage on fire in India on March 5, 2016.

The stage is the what has got the world talking. The mobile super structure with 8 movable arches, 360 degree revolving DJ console and the breathtaking visual effects is the homecoming gift that the Sensation Crew is getting to India. The Pleasuredome is not just technology at its best, it’s the experience that will take you higher. Follow the link for a quick demo on the Pleasuredome.

Tom Van de Houdt, the production manager for Sensation gave us a sneak peak of the specs of the Pleasuredome. The Pleasuredome is 8 arches in symmetry coming against each other and tearing the skies by reaching altitudes of 21m at its maximum elevation. This massive structure engulfs the console of the DJ which constantly revolves at a 360 degree angle. The revolving carousel is the crown of the console fitted with cirque de soleilesuy props that also acts as a stage for the dancers and performers. Each arch is at its peak is loaded with 12 moving heads, 60 individual controlled LEDs, 8 atomics, 2 MAC aura’s and 20m of LED line. That’s not all, 6 cannons, 4 cages, swings, some Co2 guns and big balloons are the embellishments that will make you go so red, that your peppy white costume might not be as spotless anymore.sensation

Sensation is all about music meeting art and this combo comes alive with the state of the art Pyrotechnics and light effects. It’s not the material, it’s the show and operators that make the difference.

Sound so Paroxysmal, that it makes your hair shoot in the direction of the sky. Yes, this is what happens when the best line ups meet 280 top cabinets and 80 sub cabinets which pump pure decibels of sounds into you.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the preview to the Pleasuredome. A picture says a thousand words and no amount of words will be able to describe the feel of being in a Sensation arena.

Be a part of the first outdoor event of the world where Sensation is using a center stage setup with the Pleasuredome. Register now.

Vimal Mohan

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