Bring out your entrepreneurial spirit at the India entrepreneurs meet

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India Entrepreneurs Meet

The title says it all, there are a lot of people who wait for events like this, so that product showcase, workshops, networking and a lot more productive activities could take place. The meet is not just geared at entrepreneurs only, but other people like investors, VC’s, mid level entrepreneurs, other professionals representing startup companies that are there for funding, showcasing products and ideas that could gain momentum with the number of C level people being there.

The entrepreneurs meet is the event where startups wait to participate in and showcase their talent in the form of products, applications, some new coding logic, using AI (artificial intelligence ) in a much different form than anticipated, and a lot more. After all, every now and then inventions that keep happening, mostly benefit us in someway or the other. Apart from this, there would be different keynote sessions, workshops, panel discussions, pitch2start and more.

There would be 30+ speakers to enlighten you with their experiences, failure stories and of course their knowledge. Then there is the pitch2start session where each entrepreneur is asked to make his elevator pitch in front of the investors and if the product / service pitched sounds good and profitable, they can receive an investment apart from the prize money of 50,000 INR which they will get initially. The startup showcase is the trade show part of the event where startups like to showcase their products among people attending the event. Usually there also would be great discounts offered on this day by many startups, something not to be missed or postponed until you hear of it from others.

So, if you are an entrepreneur aspiring to launch your product or would be willing to launch soon and may require guidance, tips and maybe some financial knowledge, then this is the place where you can learn from other’s experiences / failures. The meet is scheduled for April 23, 2016 from 8:30 am to 6 pm at the IES auditorium, Bandra in Mumbai. Get your tickets before they run out. Happy Entrepreneuring!

Syed Hussaini

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