Mumbai’s very own EDM Festival: Crosswind

Crosswind festival Mumbai

All of Mumbai will be there, where will you be?

Mumbai represents! This is a festival dedicated to the spirit of Mumbai and is in support of various charities working for the nation. Crosswind is supported by International DJs, Indian artists and many clubs in the Mumbai circuit. The festival will be dedicated to EDM music and will see artists from across the electronic music spectrum participating and showing their skills. Crosswind is your chance to attend a fully fledged festival in Mumbai and also contribute to a worthy cause.

The growing audience for EDM in India and the lack of a home-grown fest for Mumbai is what led to the inception of Crosswind. The event is going to be massive with more than 50,000 people expected to turn out in support. The festival will be roping in two International acts along with 8 Indian talents who will keep the heart of Crosswind pumping. The DJ will be belting out the best of EDM at different stages across the festival. The festival will also have over 100 aerial and ground cameras covering the festival that will make for one epic after- movie.

Crosswind tickets are on for sale at special blind booking rates. These rates are only valid till the lineup announcement. The tickets are currently priced at 549 INR. Now is your chance to grab the tickets well in advance. The entire festival has been conceptualized by ‘Develop India Organisation’ a team of nation builders. The entire proceeds from the event will go to worthy causes such as education, healthcare and eradicating poverty.

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