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Get on a Helicopter Joy ride this weekend

Always wondered how it would feel to thrust off the ground and lift into the air? Did you ever feel jealous of the people who got to ride in a helicopter? Envied the Air Force, Army and the Navy personnel’s as they got to ride in helicopters? If even one of these questions got you thinking, then this event will be like a gift from god to you, a gift where all your prayers of flying in a Heli will be answered. Telangana Tourism and Indwell Aviation Private Limited brings to you a chance to be in a heli and take a trip around a few famous places of Hyderabad at Hyderabad Helicopter Joy rides from 27th Feb 2016 – Tuesday, 15th Mar 2016 between 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

The ride will begin at Necklace road, Hyderabad and will give you a bird’s eye view of the Birla Mandir, Budha Statue, Charminar, Ramoji Film City, Falaknuma Palace, Hi Tech City, Golconda Fort, Salarjung Museum. These historic and famous places are very beautiful to look at from the air and the aerial view that you get can be cherished as a very beautiful memory. Memories like this are very hard to forget, for, its Hyderabad. One of the most beautiful cities of the countries. If you have a fear of heights, taking this trip could be one of the best ways to conquer it.

So, be prepared to get on board with other enthusiasts. Get your gang to come along and conquer the skies with experts pilots from and Indwell Aviation Private Limited. Add this to the list of new things that you wanna do in 2016. Let this beautiful chance not slip by from your fingers as the price for the ride is only INR 3499 inclusive of all taxes.

Register now, for the slots are limited and each rides takes only 4 enthusiasts into the air at a time.

Vimal Mohan

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