Daily Archives: February 26, 2016

EDM, beach party, pondicherry

Sunrise Festival


Longest beach party in Pondicherry! Been to a beach party earlier? Who hasn’t! Everyone loves a beach party, especially during summer where you barbecue, play volley ball, and maybe swim a bit while the daylight lasts. For some who can rent the beach side cottage, it can be like a...


Here’s your chance to fly Heli


Get on a Helicopter Joy ride this weekend Always wondered how it would feel to thrust off the ground and lift into the air? Did you ever feel jealous of the people who got to ride in a helicopter? Envied the Air Force, Army and the Navy personnel’s as they...

Crosswind festival Mumbai

Mumbai’s very own EDM Festival: Crosswind


All of Mumbai will be there, where will you be? Mumbai represents! This is a festival dedicated to the spirit of Mumbai and is in support of various charities working for the nation. Crosswind is supported by International DJs, Indian artists and many clubs in the Mumbai circuit. The festival...