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The next big thing is the Internet of things. What is it? It’s an automated technology that does stuff for you, usually that is done on your own. The technology industry is evolving with IoT and entrepreneurs and other people are coming up with different ideas to automate things around and how to have the internet take care of it without human supervision. So, far the ground is fresh and there are not too many rules that people have to look out for and can just work their way towards a concept if they have one.

Every company that is looking at IoT as the future of technology, should know this is the time to act and come up with a concept that can be proven productive and sky is the limit when it comes to evolving with innovative ideas. People who understand how technology works and can explain its concepts or ideas can surely become the Steve Jobs of future. So, it’s not just the ideas that we lack, but it’s more technology oriented where we may need to address issues technically to see if a concept is feasible and if there are resources that could fulfil the requirement. Unlike mobile applications these days where the project plan can be completed in a week’s time and we have the dates aligned for deliverables.

Everyone is welcome to share ideas that can be developed into a new gadget, app or appliance that can be technologically advanced.So the IoT in smart city is an event scheduled to take place in Hyderabad on Friday 18th March, 2016 where the government officials, urban local bodies, key industry players in IoT, regulatory bodies, consultants and more would attend to discuss India’s smart city programs and how challenges could be addressed using technology.

While there is an opportunity, there may also be a challenge in creating or developing it. Speakers from ministry of urban development, government of India, department of electronics & information technology, smart city municipal commissioner, industry IoT solution providers and consultant would be delivering talks on technology. The event has a day long schedule from 9 am to 5:30 pm at the Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, ISB Road, Gachibowli in Hyderabad. Get your tickets now.

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