Colours The Sensational Holi Festival in Bengaluru

Colours The Sensational Holi Festival at E-Zone club, Bangalore:

It’s that time of the year when you get bombarded with the cliched bura na mano holi hai everywhere starting from the Whatsapp forwards to the boring celebrations in your county. Well we have all grown up awaiting the day we get to soak our friends, neighbours, siblings, and even random strangers in hues of pink, blue, and green. But now if these do not seem to interest you, but you would still like to celebrate the festival of colors, here is a place you can head to.

With a tint of the traditional celebrations of splashing colors blended with some exciting entertainment activities, Colours The Sensational Holi Festival, is here to enthrall you. If you are in the garden city during the full moon day in the month of Phalgun, then this is the place to be.

Colours The Sensational Holi Festival

Colours The Sensational Holi Festival will take place on March 24, 2016, from 09:45 am to 10:00 pm at the E-Zone Club- Pool Party at Marathahalli in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The Holi bash is sure to be a fun-filled experience with Bollywood and House Music playing all through the celebration to add colors to the occasion.

To add to the fun quotient of the bash, additional activities like flair bartenders, food courts, rain dance set up, dhol artists, colour cannon machines, fireworks, have been arranged at the Holi party venue. So, what’s holding you back? Hurry and grab your passes now.

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