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At the beginning of each new year, you may have planned you might like to try doing things a little differently, but you never had a chance. This year you can try to set aside a few days for certain things that you might have thought completing it in the last few years, but that didn’t happen. Here’s your chance to check it off your to do list.

Holi events

Back in the 1990’s, you remember how the festival used to be. Times have changed and so have people. Now, you can celebrate your occasion behind closed doors with the selected group of people you have fun with, unlike those days where the festival used to be on the streets with random creeps. Start looking for those events that you think will be a good way to celebrate Holi.


Marathons & Triathlons

Most people are busy with work, education, business, raising kids and what not. While that can still be the routine, you can surely take some time off for your health and get enrolled into a marathon or triathlon where you stay physically fit and shred those unwanted carbs. There might be a few events like these happening around you soon. Check them out.

Adventure Events

Everyone has been on a picnic with families and friends where overnight barbecue’s by the beach is usually the trend that goes on until late night. Try going on a trekking or a camping trip with your friends and families which altogether a different experience on a different level. Obviously you may not be able to take your kids to trekking if you’re a beginner yourself, but camping is one thing where families can be a part of.  Look out for one night or weekend camping trips.

Professional events

This year just might be the time when you can actually spice up your resume for another job you may be looking for or it can help you at your current job. Events like project management workshops focusing on agile, scrum, waterfall or lean kanban can be of use to you. These events train and help get certified. Look out for them.

Music & Dance events

This is not just another night at the club where you sit by the counter hoping to have a great start of the weekend where someone just shows up and makes it upto you. But there are a few events where this can actually happen. Events like Sensation and others are coming by to help you rock the night away dancing all you want.



Out of the many, Auto expos take the most prominent place in trade shows apart from furniture and tribal shows. Many of these expos are usually permit entry free of cost or at a very minimal charge. Price isn’t a concern, but these may go way unnoticed. Be on the lookout.

Indoor competitions

Every day you come across competitions of all sorts. This one is a little different and can accommodate people who do not prefer staying outdoors. Games like chess, pool, carrom, badminton could be those you can participate in while you work at a corporate, volunteer from a community, come by as a student representing a college or a university. Events like these are conducted every now and then by different institutions and companies which you can opt for. Check them out.

Theatres and plays

Getting ready to go for a movie just like every weekend? Wait, there maybe something available that is more interesting. If you feel like it, look out for stand up comedy shows and other theatrical plays that can interest you and leave you wanting more. Plays like these could prove to be much more entertaining than a movie. Look them up.

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