Enjoy the world’s best headline acts Laidback Luke, AfroJack, Lost Frequencies, Axwell

Psychedelic trip isn’t how you roister through Sensation-2016

When Mr “S” and Ms “A”, who crossed their teens not too long ago, zoomed into the car park and tucked their Range Rover between a made-over Willys jeep and a Honda CR-V at the EDM venue, they radiated an aura of rightness and a fragrance of a French perfume all around.

While “A” sported a scintillating pink skimpy hot-pants and top and “S” was in his torn Jeans and Tees. There are hundreds of such pairs drawing attention of one and all around. From onlookers to oglers, most of their hearts are missing a beat or two. They just walked up greeting their loved ones. After some hugs and a few pecks with their friends, “A” walked the aisle up to the box office counter and flashed her mobile phone and redeemed the code to a physical ticket. They are all done with the ticketing process and then joined the jostle to go through the entry into the ground, only to stamp, jump, swing and sway to the deafening music.

And, it was about time for the headline act to kick-start the show with a bang. The cool evening began hotting up with music slowly sizzling the milling crowds who began shaking their leg.


As the revelry peaked, sporadically a boy here or a girl there began falling all over another on their side. Not because of an overflowing gush of love, but the MDMA or X or Snow they sourced illegally shelling out a bomb, just before the event. As the drug kicked in, the first one to passout was “A”. This may not be uncommon, but neither “S” nor “A” is prepared for an episode like this. The music is all over the air, but the narcotic drug debilitated both of them and many other youths, embarrassing their siblings and parents reach the venue in search of them.

Psychedelic trip isn’t bad as long as it remains figurative and musical.  When you have your trip-sitter, you sure think he or she can be your saviour. Just an illusory impression, for the gaggle around too is apparently out of the world. The heaps of detritus of crumpled glasses and emptied cans “A” had fallen on couldn’t nudge “S” to help her fight back to normalcy.

When Sensation is coming to Hyderabad, the enthusiasm to revel in the joy of electronic music with a great line-up of headline acts, we know you are all excited about the debut show of the world’s famous music event wearing white robes to enthrall you.  

I have been to quite a few EDM shows and found boys and girls immersed and drenched in the joy of the music reverberating across the sprawling open grounds.  I am not trying to indulge in any preachment, but mind your health. You can’t have your heads spinning and only your eyes seeing the same things stranger than the others around.  Do you deserve the geometric hallucination lingering in front of your eyes?


Your breadwinner (even if it were to be you) need not be a scrooge, but essentially not a spendthrift. So, mind your splurge on illegal psychotropic substances.

It’s an appalling sight to find girls or boys falling all over the ground and some had to be carried physically out. And, what’s more, some throw up and some others gasp.

End of the show, we find people – what is bragged about as the demographic dividend of the youthful India — crawling to their cars or lay reckless on the bonnets of their cars or on the kerbs of the parking lot.

So, avoid this indulgence that result in psychedelia’s dancing visuals. Enjoy the music by the entrancing visual treat and have the experience entrench within you and leave an indelible impression. Laidback Luke, Axwell, AfroJack and Lost Frequencies. What a line-up. The Pleasuredome isn’t an everyday phenomenon that happens in India.

Gear up, and, roister through Sensation.

A Saye Sekhar

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