White is the new black at Sensation Hyderabad 2016

sensation Hyderabad

Be part of the night, Dress in white

Be part of the night, dress in white is more than a catchphrase that the organisers came up with, to promote the event. Miles Stutterheim, one of the founders of The Sensation had tragically lost his life 16 years ago. The color white was then chosen as it symbolizes the beauty of life and to remind us to celebrate what life has to offer in the best possible way. The legacy of white that began then is firm till date.

Every detail of at the arena is carefully engineered to give you that sensational experience for a lifetime. The dress code is one of them. Imagine thousands of people from across the world dressed in white waiting at the arena, to devour every minute of the night to the make it their most memorable one of their lives.sensation

Why should I dress in White you say?

Apart from the legacy and honoring celebration of life, getting dressed in the code automatically connects you with your fellow audience. You will be part of a white cult, which you subconsciously join. The barriers will be broken and you wouldn’t be left out in joining the vibe. Laidback Luke, Afrojack, Axwell, Lost Frequencies will make you, the white cloud of energy, put your hands up and hop to the beats in unison. Dressed in white, we are one. That’s the way we will be celebrating life at the Sensation Arena this year. All White Dress Code is mandatory for Entry.

While looking all white might be a little plain for a few, here are a few things you could add to your dress code to give that finish. Add accessories like hats, bracelets, bands or bandanas of contrast colors and ladies ‘I’m sure looking sexy in white will not be a problem for you :-)’

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Vimal Mohan

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