9 different skills you could acquire this summer


Make sure you make the most of your summer

For the lucky few, summer is fast approaching and for the rest the summer has almost arrived. The temperatures are rising and this is the perfect time to pick a hobby and get good at it. Here are 9 cool things you could do that could help you get better.

Learn to play an instrument:

Always wanted to play the Guitar or the Violin and be the show stopper at a house party? This summer could be the time you could use to get your hands on the instrument and give birth to some melodious tunes for the world to listen to. And, the chicks dig it!

Language :

Learn a new language, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, or German may be. This not just something to brag about, it also helps you keep that as an alternate career option. The world is looking for Japanese teachers and translators and the pay is lucrative as well. So, why the hell not. Adding this to the bucket list of things to do in Summer.Japansese

Travelling :

Set up a budget, look for places that you could go to within the budget. There are many blogs that can help you choose. Hit the coast or a hill station and chill there, to escape the summertime sadness. To spice things up, you could make it a road trip by riding solo or ganging up with your buddies.

Night treks:

The night treks are gaining popularity and awareness and this is one skill that will help you survive in the jungles and rocks when you get stranded in the movies that play constantly in your dreams. Those dreams where you are the savior, hero and everything else that can be related to survival and bravery.

Agile & scrum:

It’s always good to add some courses on your resume, increases your employability. If that’s what the employers believe, no harm in giving them what they want ;-P. If you are an employer,”hey, you have been an employee once upon a time.”


Swimming is a survival must. No pun, learn how to swim and save not just you, save another non-swimmer with you. No excuses.swimming

Digital marketing:

Confidential sources state that digital marketing is the next big thing that will revolutionise the industry.. Oops, looks I’m too late in informing you about this, for every one is getting their hands on Digital marketing to get that fat paycheck or to shine in their inner circles.


As an intern different people have done different things. While few have been taken to organise fests like Supersonic in Goa, others have stayed back and helped the back end of the same team to ensure that the fest runs smoothly. Pick the side and learn to get the job done in a work space environment and boast about it in your resume. Chances are you might land a job at the same company.

Salsa :

Salsa, what do I say. From Legend of Zorro to Fitoor, actors have been successful in flattering their lady love with Salsa. This means, if you know Salsa, you have a head start.salsa

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