7 things you shouldn’t do at a music festival


Don’t be a noob and keep these tips in mind

You booked tickets, you made the trip, now what? Make sure your festival experience is smooth and hassle free and avoid these bloopers.

Don’t be a fanboy/hipster

No one is listening for one thing, and whatever rag-tag group of friends you’ve cobbled together shall suddenly disappear for the duration of the festival. We all know that you’ve come to catch this one obscure act no one gives two hoots about. You haven’t shut up about it the entire trip. So save us the proselytizing and let us chill in peace.

Don’t dress like a hobo
Just wear what you normally wear. You don’t have to adopt the ‘festival style’. It’s frankly a very try hard move and screams noob. If you’re wearing heels or patent leathers to a festival, you are going to have a bad time.

Don’t try molly, or this, or that or anything
Festivals are a hotbed of drugs and questionable behaviour. You smoked some pot in high school but that doesn’t mean you are ready to even come close to these monsters: Molly, LSD, Ecstasy, you should steer clear of everything, since it’s a dangerous and uncontrolled environment, and they’re all probably laced.

Don’t be a clinger
Let everyone enjoy their own trip. Everyone has probably spent a fair bit of their dough and have made plans, so let them have their space. It’s a time to explore and with the number of stages at festivals and the number of artists playing there are bound to be differences of opinion. Your safest bet is to make plans to meet up at a designated time and then go your own ways.

Don’t try to do everything at the same time
If you’re feeling dehydrated or tired, get some shuteye and take some time before you start raving again. It’s not cool to end up in the hospital and ruin everyone’s weekend. Pace yourself and have plenty of food and water so you don’t run out of fuel halfway.

Don’t go unprepared
Pack your essentials, a three day festival needs enough supplies to get you through a trip in Sub Saharan Africa. Forget all that you’ve seen on Instagram, at the peak of the festival sunscreen, clothes, cigarettes, water and medicines are as good as currency. Also, carry duct tape and lots of it.

Don’t be a bore
No one is here to hear you go on about the same stuff you say every other weekend. Meet new people, explore and take chances. Everyone’s looking to escape the monotony of the everyday so take this time and ‘carpe diem’.

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