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9 different skills you could acquire this summer


Make sure you make the most of your summer For the lucky few, summer is fast approaching and for the rest the summer has almost arrived. The temperatures are rising and this is the perfect time to pick a hobby and get good at it. Here are 9 cool things...


7 things you shouldn’t do at a music festival


Don’t be a noob and keep these tips in mind You booked tickets, you made the trip, now what? Make sure your festival experience is smooth and hassle free and avoid these bloopers. Don’t be a fanboy/hipster No one is listening for one thing, and whatever rag-tag group of friends...

sensation Hyderabad

White is the new black at Sensation Hyderabad 2016


Be part of the night, Dress in white Be part of the night, dress in white is more than a catchphrase that the organisers came up with, to promote the event. Miles Stutterheim, one of the founders of The Sensation had tragically lost his life 16 years ago. The color...