9 reasons why you should be marathoning more often!


From the first step to the finish line

Marathoning (Verb : running a lot of marathons) is something that we must start practicing and preaching more. To spread the word about it, literally and grammatically 😉 Wonder why? Here are 9 reasons why we should be Marathoning more often.

1) Because you can

Let’s accept it, we all can. It’s just that we are too occupied with this thing or that important meeting that we do not have the time to put on our running shoes and get out of that door for a run. You start small, 1 step , 1 meter, 1 kilometer at a time.

2) Get fit, remain fit:

Running regularly makes a fitter, better version of you. It makes you lose fat, helps you reach that weight that you’ve told your colleagues and friends that you would one day. Add running and alternatively lifting weights at the gym, then you’ve got yourself a ripped body.

3) Incredible collection of shoes:

A runner has more pair of shoes than any average individual. Shoes for running in monsoons, shoes for running in the summer and vice versa. The collection only gets better with all the varied sexy looking running shoes offered by various brands. shoes

4) Go runching :

What do you do in your lunch break? Have lunch, isn’t it. If you’ve missed your morning run and would wanna cover the missed distance, you could runch. Runching is running in the lunch hour instead of having lunch.

5) Make new friends :

Few friends are made so that you can journey your life with them while few are made on the journey. You will end up making at least a few new if you begin running. New groups and communities will keep you entertained.

6) To challenge yourself:

Never limit your challenges, challenge your limits. Completing a marathon can be a nice challenge and pushing yourself to finish those 43 kilometers will be a challenging task. Pick yourself up and push yourself to complete the run.

7) Run for a cause:

Run for a cause, run to raise awareness, run to show support, run to fight against cancer, run to eradicate diseases, run to support the blind. Run to show your support.

8) To create awareness

Running is a good habit. It keeps your lungs, heart, and limbs in good shape. Run to encourage others, run to encourage your friends, colleagues, neighbors and your family members to start running. Participate in a few short running events and encourage the masses with the selfies taken there after finishing it.

9) It’s one big family :

Runners are never alone, they have their own communities, groups and more. More than anything else they are a part of a huge social circle who dominantly portray their presence in the society.emoji


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Vimal Mohan

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