8 ways you can up your skills with professional workshops

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There are many ways how to avoid looking like the nerdy student even though you’ve got a few years of experience on hand. No matter what your position as an employee in a firm is, once you resign from there, you will be out on the streets once again looking for a job. But will the other companies hire you, is another argument. To save yourself from future job refusals, the below listed tips could help you elevate your profile professionally and socially.  

1. Meet new people

There are many conferences, trade shows where people from various organizations participate to showcase products and services, be a speaker, and meet new people in hopes of future business opportunities. Attend events like these to meet new and like minded people that would help you grow professionally.

2. Learn new skills

You may have been hired to perform a single role, but learning a skill that maybe relevant to your work that can help you improve your performance is always good. See if you can get enrolled into a day long or two day workshops or training that can help you leverage your skillset, so that your employer could see that you are adding value to the company.

3. Travel a bit

You shouldn’t be always about the your own city or town, rather travel once a while to some place that inspires you for whatever  reasons. It shows that you like taking risks and would like to expose yourself to adventures.

4. Learn a new Language

Everyone knows around 2 to 3 languages these days, but learning something that is out of the ordinary is what brings out the “wow” expression with people, especially with a potential employer. So, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, and others are usually those that not many opt for.


5. Join society clubs

Everyone likes to go back home after a long and a hard day at work, but if you wish to stay the odd one out, you may need to make some time for your society where your neighbors gather and catch up over coffee and tea every once in awhile. It also helps you stay connected and be informed of what’s what and who’s who.

6. Enroll into a certification program

A certification program always gets you certified for those courses and workshops that may help you learn something on the go, which is why these are conducted only for working class people. A day, a week or two at the max for certain courses. These programs would help you learn new stuff, get certified, help you gain extra knowledge for your job and maybe even help you in getting your next job.

7. Hands on experience

You will learn a lot and it’s definitely not those school sessions where you learn and just write for an exam, but you actually implement your knowledge real time to see the results right in front of your eyes. This hands on experience comes when you attend workshops, courses, and trainings where you will be put to work what you’ve just learnt.   

8. Management skills

So, it’s not about managing projects. You learn how to manage your work and time more effectively, especially if you are all about learning new things from time to time.

Syed Hussaini

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