Take time out for sun, sands and therapy

Dance and healing

Come rejuvenate at the International Dance, Movement Healing festival

The International DHM movement focuses on using the healing and therapeutic properties of dance to tackle the stressors of an urban lifestyle. This festival is a retreat that is designed to heal, refresh and relax you. The festival will be held at the beautiful silvery sands of Arambol beach at the Love Temple wellness resort on February 26,2016 to February 28,2016. This festival will integrate Dance, movement and several other healing and therapeutic modalities to experience a blissful transformation of mind, body and spirit. Take a weekend to work on yourself and lead a healthier, fitter and more fulfilling lifestyle.

The festival will use Dance, Movement & Healing (DMH) and other healing modalities such as Reiki, Energy Healing, Creative (Dance) Movement Therapy, Meditation, Partner Yoga, Biodanza and a lot more to encourage the healing process. The practitioners and participants will build an environment that is conducive to healing. The methodologies are proven to help with anxiety and stress and is a healthier and natural alternative to antidepressants and medication.

The DMH sessions will work towards creating a comfortable space where everyone can participate positively. The session is a truly unique experience and the beautiful locale makes the experience so much more magical. Every session will use different modalities to achieve a state of bliss. The participants are encouraged to come with an open mind and an open heart and interact freely with others during the workshop.

The festival minimizes stress, depression, and anxiety. It fosters feelings of relaxation, bliss and a natural high. Participants have witnessed a multifold increase in their awareness levels and overall happiness. The workshop is designed to be transformational in nature and will definitely leave a lasting effect on all aspects and facets of your life.

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