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It’s time to break the EDM trend

Octave is a festival of music that promotes the whole concept of music. This event is specially designed and engineered to be for, by, and to music. Music is a tool which brings together children, youth, and adults of the society. Octave uses concept to bring out the diversities in music and musicians from different walks irrespective of any criteria. If music is your passion and you are getting your nerves strung by the heavy overdose of EDM and Electro, this is the best place you could be at.  Octave will be held on March 5, 2016 from 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm at IISER Cricket Ground, Pashan , Pune.

Globalization has its effects and has spread across fields like music as well.  The majority of the listeners out there are now inclined to EDM and trance and are on the verge of forgetting the beauty and life presents  in the other forms of harmonized tunes.

Octave is the one place that will give you an opportunity to  experience  the variety of music from various genres in a single location. This one location will let you dive into the hymns of traditional music and also tap your feet to western music.

What can i expect at the event you say? From Indian classical, western classical, Rock, metal, Jazz, blues, and folk music. So, if you were a person who always preferred listening to Guns and Roses, Green Day, One republic, Coke studio, Indian Classical and other regional melodies,  then this is one event that you shouldn’t miss, for, it’s not always you get things like this.

For those who wanna be near the stage and get a closer experiment, the Gold Ticket will be the right choice which is priced at 1000 INR and the Yellow ticket which is a regular ticket is priced at 100 INR. So, book your tickets now before they get all sold out and get in the groove with genres that you know and few you would like to know.

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