9 reasons to book your event tickets online

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You may be a good buyer who does not like going thru hassles like being unable to afford expensive ticketed events, get discounts, pick your own seats, or just not being able to book, having technical issues. Well, your ticket buying experience is about to get more rewarding. Here is a list of things that you may have not known that could be beneficial to you.

Pick your seat

So, you do not have to rush to the venue to secure the seat in the first row anymore since it’s not first come first served. You can take your own time to reach the venue because you can now pick and book your seats while you buy tickets for your events.

Easy to book

No more running around after people to get tickets bought from, in black or be afraid of the fact that the seller is going to scare you with ” tickets are over, so go away “. Now, you do not even have to pick your tickets from a person or come in contact with one, directly book it online using Google chrome or Firefox and you just receive it in your email. Just carry your phone showing the email confirmation or the SMS.


We all go thru a bad experience every now and then. Some of us don’t make a noise and it just gets forgotten. You can now send a feedback about the inconvenience that occurred to you and you can help your experience improve.


There are discounts on everything these days, but sometimes the most wanted event on your list is either sold out or not available for a discounted price. However, if you book your tickets on portals like MeraEvents, you can get instant cash discounts for your purchase, and no,  you do not need to have a group booking.

Cash back

Save money more than you thought. When you buy tickets online, you can save upto a certain percentage of the ticket price on your purchase, specially when the payment goes thru portals like Paytm.

Invite and Earn

Earn money when you invite people. So, it’s not where you would earn a bunch of points and you should be using them at a particular website to redeem. You will actually be able to use the earned cash in lieu of your payment for any event you book online. All you do is invite people and you make money.   


So, it’s not like you’re gonna get a million dollar job overnight to pay off that hefty ticket price from your favorite training workshop you brought last month. If you cannot pay the price up front, you can surely pay easy monthly instalments using a credit card and you don’t have to worry about missing an important workshop citing payment concerns.  

Stay Updated

No one likes missing on good deals and surely no one likes to talk about how foolishly one missed out something. So, when you buy tickets, you also subscribe to the ticketing partner and whenever there happens to be a deal coming by, you will be informed about it in time.

Misplaced & Lost tickets

Ever lost a ticket to a precious event that you couldn’t afford missing out on? Not anymore, you don’t even have to take a print out of your confirmation. Keep that safe in your email or SMS and just show it in your phone upon arrival and your entry will be confirmed based on that. It’s getting more of save the environment, go paperless.

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