7 ways to look sharp this Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

Woo her with these epic power moves from the Valentine’s Day look book

Valentine’s Day is the time to up your mojo and brings your A game to the table. Make sure you aren’t lacking in the wardrobe and grooming department when you pull up to her house with the chocolates and the bottle of wine.

Fuzz is in

Yes, if you haven’t been living in a cave for the last year you know that a bit of man fuzz is in fashion. So let that beard grow in all its glorious beauty. There are plenty of beard oils and waxes like Ustraa, Beardo and Dollar beard club on the market so you can keep that mane looking sharp. Don’t forget to trim away the excess and neck beards are as bad as purity rings.

Get a Fade

Earlier Fades used to be popular with the military and they have made a huge comeback in different variations from the dreaded ponytail with a fade to a near shave. Subtlety is key when it comes to a fade. A side part Pompadour if you like it on the longer side or a Caesar cut if you like to keep it short keep your hair game on point with a fade.

Smell like a zillion bucks

Ever heard of a woman saying she recognizes you by your smell. Make sure you leave a lasting impression with a scent that’s strong but not overpowering. Know your type of fragrance go for an everyday easy going masculine fragrance that you can use as your calling card. Some of my favourites are Davidoff coolwater, Azzaro decibel, Paco Rabanne Black XS L’Excess for Him.

Suit up

If you want to look sharp then nothing beats a well-fitted suit. You can stick to navies, blacks and greys or even try tartans if you think you can pull them off. Go for a slim fit with a strong shoulder and narrow lapels and tapered trousers. You can go for suit pants without breaks if you are on the shorter side or a single break if you are lanky. Burberry, Zaara and Blackberry are some brands you can’t go wrong with.

Mix it up with espadrilles

There is something about espadrilles that have caught my fancy and it has become a pet peeve of mine ever since I first laid eyes on them. They go great with a nice pair of dark blue tapered jeans, lighten up a stuffy formal suit, and even with your favourite pair of shorts. They are light, funky and will add a unique element to your wardrobe.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

A watch should define you and is a statement to the world about what you embody. Pick a watch for every occasion whether an everyday timepiece or a luxury investment some brands to watch out for are Alpina, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain and Braun.

Invest in a dress shirt

Every man’s wardrobe must have a good white dress shirt for occasions such as Valentine’s day. Pick one that frames your body and accentuates your strengths. Go for point collars and pick a sleeve length that is just right and doesn’t leave you looking gangly.

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