THE VALLEY RUN – 2016 at Aamby Valley

Amby Valley

Don’t drag between traffic, hit the 10,500 rpm mark at the Valley run 2016

The Valley Run has returned and this year, the roar of the engines at the arena will be louder, shriller and sharper. The Valley Run is one of the most heard of and most awaited Drag race events in India. This event gives the petrol heads and motor heads across the country to come compete in drag races in a controlled platform instead of doing it between traffic signals. So, if drag racing excites you or if you want to venture and witness the epinephrine rush of drag racing events, attend The Valley run -2016 on March 12 and 13, 2016 at Aamby Valley City, Ambavane, Mumbai between 10 am to 7 pm.Aamby valley

With super cars and super bikes being transported from various parts of the country, this event will be a kick some serious a**, from the luxurious Rolls Royce, the drag king Nissan GT-R, you can see them all red lining at 9000 – 11,000 RPM at the event. Joining this club will be the boys who get the rush by hitting 200 to 300 kph speeds on two wheels.THE VALLEY RUN

Naked Cafe racers, Cruisers, Sports cruisers, Roadsters and Super bikes , you name it and you’ll see them all at the venue. These bikes will be hitting raging speeds of 200- 210 miles per hour. The 11 time world drag racing champion had flown in from the US to check the drag racing scenes in India. Rickey Said “Drag racing is rising in India and I love to meet people who own motorcycles and see their love and enthusiasm towards it”

From stock cars to morbidly modified cars, this drag race on the runways of the Aamby valley airport sees it all. Custom modifications generally include ripping off rear seats for reducing kerb weight, including 2 cylinders of NOS (Nitrous oxide), turbochargers, large air intakes, performance exhausts beneath the hood for that extra speed and air scoops, side skirts, and spoilers for aerodynamics to make wind oppression more a friend than a foe.ricky getz

So, if any of the above lines, touched your cord and made you imagine yourself on your mean machine at the start line, this event is meant for you. Book your pass. It doesn’t matter if you stand or if you sit, what matters is that you reached the venue. A new chapter in life awaits you, that’s filled with throttle sounds and exhaust beats.

Vimal Mohan

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