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Safety can help you feel secure at all times

Love your city? You certainly don’t want to see it going down to ashes right before your eyes. It has everything to do with where you live, where you shop, where you go for your prayers, where you go to play, where you go for work, and of course where you go to chill and relax like parks, lounges or maybe even different clubs. As a  responsible citizen,  you need to abide by the rules and certain duties that you need to look after.

This event is all about your safety, your house, your property, your people and your city. You should treat your city like it’s your own home where you don’t litter everywhere, don’t get into a fight with anyone causing a mess on the street, maybe even damage public or government owned property. You don’t do all that home. Everything has a price, and when your fellow citizens get hurt or feel you have wronged, you may be fined by the authorities. These days, the patrolling authorities have gotten more  strict rules than before and may detain upon the slightest doubts. So, be the best of citizens, help people, be safe, try to keep your surroundings clean and keep away from fire. Organizations mostly have fire drills held every few months to keep the employees aware of exit doors and the procedures required in the event of a fire alarm. Apart from fire hazards, there are other safety guidelines and requirements based on the site location. For example: there maybe different guidelines for a house, shopping mall, streets, vehicles, and other places accordingly.

Safety security India is hosting a three day event from March 17-19, 2016 at the Hitex exhibition centre in Hyderabad where, about 150 exhibitors are expected to put up stalls showcasing different safety gadgets, prototypes of safety technology looking for public inputs, new safety ideas for better solutions, new surveillance cameras and equipment, and  more. Hurry up before the slots run out. Book yours today.

Syed Hussaini

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