Why We Love Concert (And You Should, Too!)


Music is refreshing for few and relaxing for some, when a same thing can mean so many different things to this vast congregation on earth, the reason to listen to it can also vary. The most liked music performances are concerts, and we love ’em all. Here are 9 reasons why we love them and you should too!

New genres of Music

Concerts are like the power houses where different genres of music are played with full power. From EDM, Electro, House, Vocal, Instrumental and Trance, concerts are conducted for each of the genres. Concerts gets all the music lovers together, to unwind.

The crowd

Every music enthusiast eagerly waits for their favorite artist to play live in concert. Every concert pulls such crowd from across the country or sometimes the globe. This niche crowd always good vibes to the party and can always be spotted from a distance, you never know, you and them could get along well to have a nice time at the concert.

International Artistes

From Armin Van Buuren, Skrillex, Kenny G, Enrique, Afrojack, Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Markus Schulz, Robin Schulz, A R Rahman, The Piano Guys, to Mike Candy, international DJs keep visiting to perform live in concert for the crowd that moves them to take their music to the limits. So, concerts are definitely a good place to see your favourite international DJs play live.

Cream of local artistes

Local artistes always use this chance to perform for the public and get noticed. Concerts generally have a star performer who would lead and end the show, and a few local artists who begin the show and get the audience in the mood, and keep them waiting for the Star performer of that event. This serves as a good stage for all the local acts.

A good getaway

What’s better than a concert for unwinding from your tiring academic and professional lives? Chill with loud music, thousands of fans and it’s all about the groove there. Put your hands in the air, jump as high as you can or get on your friends’ shoulder to get an aerial view of the concert, do it all.


Travelling is fun, sometimes it’s about the destination and sometimes it’s about the journey. A concert can also be a good reason for you to travel to places far away. To spice things up, make it a road trip with your gang in a car or ride alone in your motorcycle.


Concerts are always a good ground to make friends. You meet a lot of people who first become acquaintances and a few of them become good friends or maybe even more. So, don’t hold yourselves back from attending a concert.

Unique production designs

With Gigs like Sensation, the production of the whole concert is taken to another level. From performances of dancers to acrobats, the productions designs of the whole set will leave you perplexed and surprised in awe. Each of the acts have their own productions designs, hence one can never say that they are all the same!


I’ve saved the best for the last. The best reason why you should go to a concert is for its experience. Life is too short to skip a concert. Make a plan to attend at least two concerts every year and stick to it.

Vimal Mohan

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