Conquer the hills on your bicycle at the MTB Nainital Challenge


Do you have it in you to ride at 8242 ft ?

Cycling is a passion for a few and adventure for some. Though the sport remains the same, the level of intensity at which it is carried out or conducted varies. While road bikers take hundreds of miles on the saddle, the mountain bikers take the sport to a new level, by conquering mountains and hilltops and racing all the way up and down the hill. The MTB Nainital Challenge is one such event which will have Mountain bikers taking the hill bit by bit on a three-day tour at Nainital from April 21, 2016 – April 23, 2016.

After the grand success of the MTB series in India, Walk To Himalayas (WTH) has decided to organise the MTB Nainital Challenge at the break of summer this year. From neverending climbs to steep descents, the Nainital challenge has it all. The 125-km-long race will ensure that your eyes have a visual treat, while your legs break sweat to go up hill and climb the ascent that challenges your will power. Every pedal stroke will take you closer to the finish line.bicycling

The Mountain bikers will arrive on April 21, 2016 and will be briefed about the ride and also formally register themselves at the venue. On the first day of the ride, i.e, April 22, 2016, riders will cover a total distance of 80 km. The trail of the path is flat roads along with major ascents and descents. So, there is fair share of comfort and also pain.

Day 2 will have mountain bikers riding a stretch of 45 km, but climbing altitudes as high as 8242 feet. This will be the highest point of the race and the trail will surely not be easy. There will be parts where riders will have to carry their bikes on their shoulders and walk distances. To make things more exciting, there will be tons of jumps, single track roads and terrain variation portions as well.

So, here is the time to chill and show off your mountain biking skills while breathing the heavenly cold air of Nainital at 8242 feet above the mean sea level. So, book your passes now and register for the most adventurous race of the year.

Ride hard, ride safe. Always wear a helmet.

Vimal Mohan

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