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Sensation India build

Behind the scenes at Sensation India


The ‘Pleasuredome’ comes to life in the hands of the #Sensation crew It’s Day 4 of the build. The air of anticipation and energy is attaining a feverish pitch at the Gachibowli stadium. The scorching sun is beating down on us, but the crew is engrossed in work tinkering away...

EDM, beach party, pondicherry

Sunrise Festival


Longest beach party in Pondicherry! Been to a beach party earlier? Who hasn’t! Everyone loves a beach party, especially during summer where you barbecue, play volley ball, and maybe swim a bit while the daylight lasts. For some who can rent the beach side cottage, it can be like a...


Here’s your chance to fly Heli


Get on a Helicopter Joy ride this weekend Always wondered how it would feel to thrust off the ground and lift into the air? Did you ever feel jealous of the people who got to ride in a helicopter? Envied the Air Force, Army and the Navy personnel’s as they...

Crosswind festival Mumbai

Mumbai’s very own EDM Festival: Crosswind


All of Mumbai will be there, where will you be? Mumbai represents! This is a festival dedicated to the spirit of Mumbai and is in support of various charities working for the nation. Crosswind is supported by International DJs, Indian artists and many clubs in the Mumbai circuit. The festival...

Internet of things, IoT, technology

IoT in Smart City


Creative ideas, challenges, and automations – Let’s Talk The next big thing is the Internet of things. What is it? It’s an automated technology that does stuff for you, usually that is done on your own. The technology industry is evolving with IoT and entrepreneurs and other people are coming...


Color Splatter 2016 In Mumbai


The time to get submerged in colors is fast approaching The festival of colors is soon approaching and with less than a month to go, everyone in the country and across the globe is looking to get the most of it. Holi is a festival that is celebrated to symbolise...

Colours The Sensational Holi Festival in Bengaluru


Colours The Sensational Holi Festival at E-Zone club, Bangalore: It’s that time of the year when you get bombarded with the cliched bura na mano holi hai everywhere starting from the Whatsapp forwards to the boring celebrations in your county. Well we have all grown up awaiting the day we...

colorland Holi party in goa

Holi in Goa:Color me wild! at Colorland Holi party


The hottest Holi party in Goa Colorland will be a gathering of the most colorful people in India from across different cultures and cities. The one thing that unites all these people is their love for music and their love for Holi. It’s a time to let the ‘gulaal take...

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Talk to your body, Heal your disease


Have blood pressure, diabetes or similar? Attend this event, those maybe psychological Ever wondered why some people fall sick on and on and keep complaining that their sickness might be hereditary or it just happens at this time to of the year, eventually convincing you of their sick body or weak...