Kenny Sebastian live in Hyderabad

Kenny Sebastian in Hyderabad

Comedy phenomenon, Musician, and Youtube star Kenny Sebastian to perform live in Hyderabad

This Youtube sensation has taken the Indian comedy circuit by storm. His immensely relatable sets, comedy and his strumming skills make him a powerhouse performer. After starting off in Bangalore, performing at open-mics and small clubs things really took off with his Youtube channel that helped him reach out to a much wider audience. His unique mix of improv comedy with his crooning and strumming skills his videos gained an instant virality and landed him a spot on prime time with his very own improv show on Comedy Central ‘The living room’. This is your chance to see Kenneth Sebastian live in Hyderabad at the Fly High lounge at Jubilee Hills.

If you’ve seen any of his sets you’ll know what makes him the blue eyed boy of comedy today. He has an extremely endearing stage presence and his sets often riff on the mundane and commonplace pointing out the comic value of our ‘middle class ethos’ he has entire sets dedicated to how Indians are ‘paavam’ and how we don’t order desserts at restaurants, he deftly plays and points out stereotypes and turns them into truly engaging comedy. Check out some of his material here and you’ll be hooked.

Courtesy: Kenny Sebastian Youtube Channel

Making comedy from thin air ‘spontaneity’ is his forte, his performances often centre around him asking the audiences to throw out words or topics for him to talk on and this seeming random word association is more often than not ‘comedy gold’.

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