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Get the Art of living inside you!

Everyone is occupied with work, family, and materialistic affairs that surrounds most of us. For a few people, their lives are only based on what they earn the entire day. With a life running like a machine, it also does not function as smooth as one and has other things like stress, depression and attitude to worry about as is our personality. A change in lifestyle is evident, but without the necessary relief and burnout like mental clarity, awareness and happiness over all, it will not be worth it.

You may have seen him before, you might have heard of him earlier or better yet, you may have attended one of his ” Art of living ” sessions around India or abroad and probably recognize him by now. Yes, he is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who will help reduce your stress, especially the workplace related and will help increase mental clarity, awareness, creativity and overall happiness. The topic entails these features as his primary focus for this session. The personality is introduction free and is an ambassador of peace. He has united millions globally thru service projects and the Art of living courses. He founded the Art of living that is a not for profit, humanitarian NGO with one of the largest volunteer bases that engages in stress management and is based in Bengaluru.

Pearls of wisdom will also be conducted on the same lines of Art of living and aims at striking the right balance in our personal and professional lives. The session is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 7 February, 2016 from 10:30am to 1pm. It will take place at the Badminton hall air conditioned, Chhatrapati shivaji sports complex, Mumbai-Pune expressway in Balewadi, Pune. There are no participation tickets here, instead its donation that is accepted and can be chosen from the amounts listed. A family donation pass is also available.  The donation will be used for world culture festival organized by the Art of living for world peace. Buy your donation pass soon before they are out.

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