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Come chill with the best, Mike candy and Candice Redding

Mike Candy is coming to India for the first time on February 5, 2016 at Pillai Alegria 2016. This master of music has the ability to make the shift from EDM to house without you actually realizing the shift in the beats until about a good minute or two. The ability of a DJ is recognized by the way tracks are mixed on the turntables and Mike Candy does it like a pro.mike candys

Come witness Mike Candy live in concert at the event and take a tour of the musical trip he has to offer. With famous chart busters like insomniac and Forever Faithless, the floor is definitely set to groove with the rhythm, the rhythm created by the crowd jumping in the air in unison.

The opening act on the day of the event would be by Candice Redding, she definitely knows to woo her crowd with her killer looks and the ability to mix music. The EDM queen will make you put your hands in the air and jump up to reach the sky.mike candys

These back to back performances will definitely give you the trip that will levitate you to the full power mode. So, if you are one of those who haven’t heard about Mike Candy, then start listening to his tracks. “Forever Faithless ” and ” insomniac ” are Chart busters to begin with.

Things just get better as February approaches, the price for this event is set as low as 500 INR. So, here’s your chance to witness Mike Candy live in concert, the first time in India without actually burning a hole in your pocket. This means you will have enough money to do something good for Valentines day 🙂

So, Book your passes now, for there will be many who are looking forward to book the tickets and many who would have already booked.

Party hard, party safe.

Vimal Mohan


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